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At MKH Events our educational models are workshops, symposia, conferences, congresses, and courses. We cater for events of different sizes and magnitude, from small workshops to themed courses and hands-on training events as well as congresses and exhibitions of the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry. We aim to provide high category and high quality internationally recognized CME/CPD which will increase the value of the events, whilst guaranteeing the necessary and required continuing education portfolio for all physicians.

MKH Events is a leader in the development and principles of healthcare management, influencing hospital operations, local practices, care organisations, government organisations and agencies, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies through a series of educational ad hoc events as well as articulated programs of healthcare management courses. Management is a key element in any health organisation which ensures that clinical care and operations are managed in harmony at all levels with the ultimate goal of securing a high level of performance, compliance, risk management, and good business practices in the modern dynamic health care industry.

We work encompassing the principles of good management practices drawn and developed from the lessons learned by eminent healthcare leaders working in the most demanding environments, globally and locally. 

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