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Our Company

MKH Events is a team of experts in the organization, planning and delivery of Healthcare and other educational events ranging from small courses and workshops, to conferences and congresses.

Our events are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients and targeted to deliver high-quality awareness on the most relevant topics in healthcare, for all specialties and disciplines of the medical profession, including medicine , surgery, nursing and other allied specialties. 

MKH Events was created to provide a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO), led by experts in event organizing, as well as Expert Clinician Consultants. MKH aims to always fulfil its projects in a cost-effective, precise and tailor-made, high-quality fashion.

MKH also seeks international accreditation for Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from the most relevant CME and CPD Bodies. 

Our Mission

To promote education, awareness, up-to-date basic and advanced knowledge, for all healthcare professionals, with a view to clinical application in the interest of patient outcomes and with interest in promoting relevant research areas.

Our Vision

MKH Vision is to focus on education and delegate experience providing a cost-beneficial experience in every occasion, from the smallest workshop to the biggest congress, securing peace of mind for the organisers and creating a support system for the Organising and scientific committees, to guarantee a “headache-free” highly rewarding product for all.

Our Values

We believe that the success of the events we organized is based on the values that we hold as we do the things we are required to accomplish. We adhere to and ensure that we always

PITCHED to it. We strongly adhere to our principles and the results of our services are the reflection of our principles.








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